RB DESIGN   How it started.......


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RB Design is a small company I started in 2003 when I started building addon for Microsoft flightsimulator FS 2002.

The intrest and curiocity of building my own addons started when I bougth my first addon of swedish planes for FS98 from SIVEK. The dream of building and creating my own scenery and environments started growing. I started with small stuff and with better knowage came greater visions. My goal was to build an exact copy of the airbase F13 Bråvalla. My close neibor growing up. A copy thoth as a memorymark and a place you can visit to remember how it ones was.

The vision of a complet Bråvalla still excists and work is done all the time with improvments and updates. 

New simulator, new programs and new ways of builing things for the sim are a constant callange to keep it up to date. An overhaul of the houses and textures to raise the quality are taking place right now. 

My visionen has grown a bit sinse I started. My gole is to be able to offer as many planes and airbases possible from the swedish airforce.

The goal is to build and offer as many scenerys of our swedish airbases as possible.

To be able to offer as many of the historical planes of the swedish airforce, army and marines as possible.